SnoopVin (from now on “SnoopVin” or “Snoop Vin”) considers the protection of your privacy and the safety of any personal data to be of upmost importance. The present Privacy Policy, which will be available by SnoopVin online at, informs you how your personally-identifiable information is collected whenever you use our website, the purpose and the use of such personally-identifiable information. By using our website you consent to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy you should not use our website.


Signing up on SnoopVin’s website implies that you submit a valid email address and create a password. You will need to submit more personally-identifiable information for invoice purposes, such as your name, your address and company’s name (if applicable).
Placing an order You will have to send more personally-identifiable information whenever you place an order on our website, such as bank account and/or other payment details (most of the time, the credit card number and the security code). You may need to submit more personally-identifiable information to complete the order.
Newsletter SnoopVin’s newsletter requires a valid email address and your full and complete name. You may provide consent for this newsletter at your own discretion.
Access to our website The following data is collected every time you login onto our website for internal administration and statistical purposes:
Name of accessed URL; Date & time of this access; Amount of data transferred in the communication ; Notification of positive access; Web browser used in the access; and Domain request. IP addresses are not stored by our website though they may be stored by our third-party analytics provider.


SnoopVin has the right to deny orders if the company believes there could be an improper use of the Service.
As a customer, you CANNOT: Distribute, disseminate, copy, publish or share by any means the information contained in your personal pack of VHRs or single VHR; nor may a customer distribute, disseminate, copy, publish or share, in whole or in part, the reports.
The customer is not allowed to use any part of our Service for: commercial uses, resale, or redistribution unless there is authorization by SnoopVin by writing. Further, the extraction and/or re-utilization of any part of our Service by third-parties without express authorization of the company is not allowed. Unauthorized access to our database for data extraction or any illegitimate interest will be prosecuted. In particular, automatic access and/or exploitation of the data in our server is forbidden.
The customer accepts NOT TO:
1. Use the VHR for any sort of unlawful purposes; 2. Provide our Service or VHRs for reselling, remarketing or any similar activities (that imply commercial use); 3. Provide our Service or VHRs to any motor vehicle dealer without express authorization by SnoopVin; 4. Replace, change, rewrite labels or copyrighted content in SnoopVin VHRs and/or any associated documentation; and/o 5. Parse VHR’s info regarding the Service provided by SnoopVin as part of any order. 6. Any of the above-cited actions against this Agreement will be prosecuted.


The use of cookies is detailed in the following section (Google Analytics). These pieces of software store some information about our users in order to improve the service from our side. Most cookies are deleted when you log out; they are the session cookies. However, some other cookies are stored in the computer you use to access the service; they are the persistent cookies. If you do not use your personal computer to access the service, some discretion about the latter cookies is advised so as not to leak personal data. You may consult how to use the browser without leaving cookies behind to assure the security of your personal data. In fact, you may deny all cookies in your browser at any time, with corresponding limitations to the features on and functionality of our website, at your own discretion at any time.


SnoopVin relies on Google Analytics, an online analysis service by Google Inc. (from now on, simply “Google”). It is our responsibility to notify you that Google Analytics uses “cookies” (software tools that gather information about the user). This data is transferred to and stored in a Google server in the United States of America.
Although the service does not regularly store the IP addresses, these addresses may be stored occasionally. Member States of the European Union have signed the Agreement on the European Economic Area by Google. If you want to know more about the details of the service, you should consult the terms of Google Analytics.
Google may transfer your IP address to its server located in the United States of America from time to time. This information will be used to:
Analyze your online preferences Compile reports about our website Provide additional services Google Analytics does not combine the IP address with other services by Google. If you block cookies on your browser, you may not be able to make full use of the features that our website offers. You may proceed in this way under your own discretion.
Moreover, you may block data collection by Google including your own IP address by using a browser plug-in, such as this one. There are some third-party alternatives that you may use under your own discretion.


SnoopVin will exclusively use personally-identifiable information to:

  • Reply any inquiry
  • Conclude any agreements that take place between you and the company
  • Perform technical admin on our website
  • Prevent any abuse on our website
  • Pursue illegal access
  • Establish communication with you
  • Send regular email newsletter if you have provided consent


SnoopVin does not transfer personal data to third-party companies unless it is required to process payments or required by law or to assist with an on-going law enforcement investigation.